My name is Timur Mutyshev.
Learning new techniques and applying them
in my designs is what I do best.

pens, pencils, paper, photoshop
html5, css3, jquery

I create user experiences that convert and engage.

Quality and value will always produce better results. If you engage your users, they will be more inclined to share that experience with friends and family.

web design advice

It's all in the details.

People love to be entertained and enjoy their experience on the web.
Hint: Invest time in developing a kick-ass website, landing page, mobile app, ad campaign, etc. I can help you with that.

Engagement is important

Who's your user?

It's not about the kind of a website
that you want, rather the kind that you need.
This is where I come in and create the right
user experience for your business.

focus on the user

Ready to start? Let's talk.

I am not here to promise you the world. I am here to build you a kick-ass user experience. That I can guarantee you.

you can find me on facebook, twitter, behance or email me

Need a Quote? Maybe a Quick Question?

Send your requests to my email info [at] timsondesign [dot] com