Complete Security for Total Mobility

As a business, it’s up to you to guard mobile devices in your network as closely as you do computers.

the Challenge

Mobile Security

In cybersecurity, understanding the potential for attacks is critical. This is especially true for mobile and wireless devices, since they are constantly connected and continuously streaming and collecting data.

With more than 4.8 billion mobile subscribers and 275,000 different apps available, there are plenty of opportunities for security and privacy breaches.

Lacoon is leading the industry in providing a solution to secure the entire mobile device, with the best advanced threat catch-rate for enterprise-grade mobile security platforms.

My Role

My goal for the project was to get the message across about Lacoon's powerful technology that detects device, application and in-network threats that others may have missed and quantifies the risks and vulnerabilities that BYOD exposes to the enterprise.

The usual approach would be simple: just build a website. However, I wasn't trying to build another website. My ambitions were to create a strong foundation that embraced a concept of storytelling where the levels of engagement are proper for the user to learn new information and take action.

In addition, I worked alongside a Front-End Developer, Project Manager and Head of Marketing.

the approach

Let's Tell a Good Story

I love telling good stories, and the subject matter was really interesting. During that period, I was submerged into my own story of a lifetime - living in Costa Rica with my wife and 7-month old baby.

To better grasp the concept of mobile security and learn how serious enterprises invest in it, I conducted online market research, gathered competitive intelligence, read papers published by established consulting firms and universities, as well as did concept testing. This approach helped me structure the plot of the story, as well as choose proper art and experience direction for the website.

The Discovery

Opportunities to Grow

What I learned was that the concept of mobile security was still quite new at the time of the project. Enterprises weren't as heavily invested yet, partly due to the lack of risk knowledge and lack of proper tools.

Other solutions on the market didn't offer the same exact level of security and their websites all looked very techy and almost identical. It was clear to see that user experience and engagement were severly mistreated.

I had to establish the main pain points and beliefs of enterprises when dealing with mobile security and match them with the solution that Lacoon provides.

Most Critical

Protection capabilities (42 percent), integration with existing platforms (33 percent), and visibility into mobile threats (15 percent) are most critical for mobile security.

Lack of Education

Only few companies took the time to educate employees on the steps they can take to better secure their personal information and company data.

Tied Resources

Security threats to BYOD impose heavy burdens on organizations’ IT resources (35 percent) and help desk workloads (27 percent).

According to the BYOD & Mobile Security Report

Security Holes

Moreover, businesses also viewed lack of encryption (63%), unpatched operating systems (55%) and hotspot spoofing (58%) as other possible threats.

Budget Constraints

37 percent of budgets won’t increase at all and 26 percent of respondents are not sure if their budgets will change.

BYOD Support

Only 15 percent of organizations provide full support of all varieties of mobile devices (including laptops, tablets and smartphones).

the vision

Animate the Story


To verify Lacoon as a leader in mobile security, I had to make sure that the user understands what makes Lacoon so different. Good copywriting is key, however visually explaining your methods adds even more production value.

To make the story more effective I tried to tie each feature of Lacoon's technology as a solution to specific pain points of the enterprise.

moving forward

Developing the Story

Although my vision was to tell an impactful story of mobile security, I discovered that there might be some obstacles that affected our development timelines.

My research highlighted that it was critical for the design to be pragmatic and sensitive to the ways enterprises view security issues. I knew that if the story told didn't solidify the importance of mobile security, the website would fail and the conversion rate would be extremely low.

Subsequently, I put my focus on the following to ensure smooth website delivery:

Creative Side

Proper Language

Our copy had to reflect all of the benefits, but not in tech jargon, rather in simple to understand business terms.

Strong Visuals

In addition to proper language, our illustrations and interactions had to be effective communicating our main message.

Conversion Rate

Everything was geared towards reaching a high conversion rate, as it was the main success factor of the website.

Technical Side

Loading Time

Working closely with our Front-End Developer, we had to make sure to keep the code lean to achieve a fast loading time.

Future Maintenance

A content management system was put in place to give Lacoon the flexibility to change content as they wish in the future.

Responsive Design

The website had to look and load great not only on computers, but also on tablets and smartphones.

the framework

From Concept to Reality

To better expain my ideas I used concept testing and created a few moodboards to drive the look and feel of the website. In addition, I created sketches for illustrations and proposed how they will animate.

Since the goal of the website was to get leads, I had to pay attention to the flow of the pages and see how well I could integrate strong CTAs, without overwhelming users.

Illustration Sketches

Starting on paper helped me visualize how to get the key points of mobile security across to our audience. Not to mention all the fun planning for the animations based on parallax scrolling technique.


Once the sketches were done, I started wireframing. I used rapid prototyping techniques to bring the designs to life and evaluate them with the team. Testing many concepts helped me form a broader view, ensuring a more cohesive design.

Hi-Fidelity Mockups

To move forward with the design I used Photoshop to create detailed mockups. With this approach I could easily share the design process with the team and get early feedback on animations, visuals, and UI.

Prototyping & Testing

I worked closely with our developer Igor to bring our designs to life as a working prototype. Communicating requirements over Skype Video and talking about HTML5 was an effective way of solving the Interaction Design.

detailed design

Introducing Lacoon Mobile Security

Three months later and we launched a brand new website. An interesting story of mobile security for enterprises accompanied by animated illustrations to engage the user and get them to take action.


Navigation and CTAs

Strategic positioning of the main navigation gives the user total control of where they are without being lost. Critical CTA buttons are placed appropriately and with users in mind - eliminating any extra mouse clicks or movements.


Colours & Contrast

We tested multiple moodboards and colour schemes. Since we're telling a story, our main goal was to create a warm and welcoming athmosphere without looking too corporate - while keeping great contrast for our awesome copy and visuals to shine.



Our Front-End Developer did a wonderful job coding the animations just as planned. Triggering the animation of illustrations with the mouse screen position and scroll activity.


Mobile Friendly

Yes, it loads perfectly on smart phones as well. It's fully responsive.

the impact

Hard Work Paid Off

Less than a year after the launch of the brand new website, Lacoon was acquired by Check Point Software Technologies, for an estimated $80 million.

It's always nice to see when hard work is paid off. That couldn't be more true for Lacoon, and being able to contribute to their success feels great.

Not only did we achieve higher leads counts, but we also managed to tell a story that raised great interest in the company and it's technology that was worth $80 million.

“While the threat is universal, being protected doesn’t have to be difficult.”
John D.
Editor — Cyber Security
the reflection

What I Learned

It was interesting to learn what mobile security is all about, how it's affecting smart phones and what can be done to prevent attacks and data loss.

I think this project was the turning point for me, as a storyteller. I was able to integrate my UX/UI design skills with the ability to tell a story in a way that captures the user's attention. Since then, I have been heavily involved in other storytelling projects, not only in the written word, but also with audio and video.

Communication was another great challenge, since the team was distributed across three time zones. To overcome the difficulties we found a steady rhythm that allowed us to keep moving forward without losing too much time. We were able to utilize mobile messengers, video chat, email, and project planning tools to successfully deliver the website.

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