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enterprises take their communications to the next level?

AT&T API Marketplace


AT&T API Marketplace provides great resources for enterprises and businesses as it allows them to cherry-pick real-time communications features and embed them into their apps and services. The main goal was to relief current limitations and provide a better user experience, by introducing Kandy's new design system with the support of a new progressive web app tech stack.

I was responsible for conducting primary and secondary user research, analyzing market competition, and providing assets and guidelines for interaction and visual design.

My role

User research
Lead designer
Interaction designer
Visual designer
Design system


Desktop web
Mobile web



challenges enterprises face
with their communications

High maintence costs

Too complicated

Poor customer service

Too slow to market

Lack of analytics

Lack of resources

The goal is to drive operational processes to better connect teams across enterprise and SMB boundaries with automated workflows and advanced collaboration capabilities. But the problem with legacy communications solutions is they lack the flexibility and functionality to meet these new business objectives and keep up with the latest technology trends.

Our main objective with our CPaaS offering was to empower enterprises and provide them with easy to use tools to unify communications, enhance customer service and create personalized experiences.

how might we help lower costs, provide a superior platform that is simple to use?

Lower costs

Simple to use

Easy to manage

The tools available on the marketplace are ideal for businesses of nearly any size, and common use cases can benefit nearly any industry including finance, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

Goal #1

The overall layout and design should make key features easier to use, including onboarding, setup and management.

Goal #2

The user interface of the web app should be visually refreshed and use the new Kandy Design System.

make it easy, keep it simple

Managing a fleet of phone numbers, users, products can be a daunting task. Research discovered how much flexibility was required for each individual organization. I focused on keeping our user flows simple to follow while performing complex data tasks.

Easy onboarding

Easy and secure onboarding process allowed users to experiment with cloud communications products and APIs without any commitments.

Data management

Whether it's a batch upload of users, purchase of the phone number or a package assignment, the UI was built to provide a detailed level of contextual help to guide the user through the entire journey without forcing them to leave the application.

Kandy design system

The backbone of the web app was based on the Kandy Design System. It was developed with a multi-tenant web app mindset, to allow for maximum flexibility to exist within a brand.

Absolute freedom

The flexibility of the design system allows to re-brand the aspects of design such as colour, typography, icons, to fit the enterprise's guidelines and accessibility rules.

Easy integration

Research showed that most of the enterprises are slowed down by complicated tools and inefficient systems. With the ability to easily integrate cloud communications, enterprises can feel the real-time
effect, and be more efficient.

platform launch

After a year of hard work we were able to launch the platform with our great partner AT&T. It was amazing to see all the hard work come to life.

AT&T API Marketplace


The platform was built to be accessible and user friendly. Processes that used to take days and weeks, can now be done within minutes.

Simple to use

Users were able to onboard and start integrating cloud communications features within their organizations much quicker.

press release

“Even the largest enterprises struggle with securing the time and resources needed to deploy capabilities that can enhance customer service and create personalized experiences” - Roman Pacewicz

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“Each consumer touch point is a valuable opportunity—for relationship building, for revenue growth, lead conversion” - Iain Scholnick

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