Smart Office
Mobile (iOS)

Smart Office


Ideal for road warriors using hotel Wi-Fi or 5G mobile data, Smart Office serves users wherever they are.

Smart Office was originally built to:

  • Make and receive audio and/or video calls, send instant messages, and collaborate with video and screen sharing directly from a desktop or mobile devices.
  • Seamlessly move calls between clients, desktop phones, and mobile devices.
  • Deliver PBX calling services, unified company directory, user presence, instant messaging, conversation logs, voice and video conferencing, and screen sharing.

Project goal

We were on the verge of losing a big customer because of the poor user experience. I had 3 months to fix the problem. The objective was to offer a better user experience, with a feature-set aimed at improved navigation, and quick actions. The re-design involved user research, competitive analysis, prototyping and testing.


I did a UX audit of the app to identify critical, serious, medium and low priority usability issues, and later presented the findings to key stakeholders. I sent out surveys and held a series of interviews with our customers, who shared their pain points within the interface, including poor navigation, clunky layouts, and unintuitive interactions which led them to feel confusion and frustration.


The original design started to look dated and needed a refresh. The new design had to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide a stylish modern look and feel - establish trust with users.
  • Provide a more delightful user experience.


It was a great project to reflect on my capability to deliver under tight deadlines. I just joined the company and was handed this project. Not that I was nervous, on the contrary, I was excited and grateful for the trust given to me to improve an existing product, impress the key stakeholders and delight the customers.

Bottom line

I based my design decisions on my research and user testing. Gaining users' trust and confidence in the app was one of the primary objectives, and as a result of the re-design I got a lot of positive feedback from the customers, and the internal team who use Smart Office.

It was great to see such a massive turnaround of the product, not only did we not lose the customer but were able to continue and expand our relationship with other offerings from our UCaaS and CPaaS product lines.

“With the improved navigation and app interactions, workflows became less complex and more apparent.”
Customer Review