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provide an in-the-office experience from virtually anywhere?

Smart Office mobile


Ideal for road warriors using hotel Wi-Fi or 4G mobile data, Smart Office serves users wherever they are. The objective was to offer a better user experience, with a feature-set aimed at improved navigation, and quick actions.

The re-design involved user research, competitive analysis, prototyping and testing.

My role

Lead designer
Interaction designer
Visual designer


Mobile app




Looks dated

Cluttered UI


Poor navigation

Major focus areas, based on research:

Poor usability
We identified the pitfalls within the interface to better optimize for a mobile experience. Important information and actions needed more priority within the design.

Outdated UI
The original design started to look dated and needed a refresh. The user experience felt clunky and at times frustrating, especially when compared to similar apps.

how might we support road warriors better?

Simple navigation

One-click features

Refreshed look

The new design had to achieve the following goals:

Goal #1

Provide a stylish modern look and feel - establish trust with users.

Goal #2

Provide a more satisfactory user experience.

better first impression

Quality design and professional appearance feel solid; clear navigation conveys respect for customers and an implied promise of good service.

Power features

It was important to keep all the power features within a single tap, especially when moving calls between PC and mobile.

Building trust

Building trust with users was essential to the success of the re-design. It was more than a make over, it was more of a fresh start.

Making it user friendly

User research helped us define the minimal adjustments we needed to make. Optimizing the screens for a simple and intuitive flow by integrating thumb accessible one-click features and shortcuts.

One click features

Users really noticed the changes and felt an improved overall experience of using the app. Especially folks on bigger phones.

Boring to exciting

Smart Office witnessed better user engagement and reflected a more modern versus a dated looking app. Usability testing provided enough evidence that the app began to look more professional and more trustworthy.